2012 Year End Report

Tuesday, January 1, 2013  In 2012 the Reynoldsville Fire Company responded to a total of 173 alarms.  Of those 167 of them were general alarms and 6 were silent alarms.  50 of those were in Reynoldsville Borough, 84 were in Winslow Township, 30 were Mutual Aid and 3 were in Washington Township. There was a fire loss of $125,000 ($90,000 in Reynoldsville Borough and $35,000 in Winslow Township).  We had an average of 14 members per alarm with a total of 2584.5 manhours on alarms. We also landed 14 helicopters during the year also. 



Mutual Aid - Structure Fire

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 12:16 PM Just after lunch time today Company 6 was requested on the 2nd alarm for a working fire in the borough of Sykesville.  Engine 6 and Tower 6 responded and sent crews interior to work.  The Tower set up on the A/B corner and did some outside truck work, while crews utilized the ladders off the Tower.  Companies 8, 6, and 17 from Jefferson County and Companies 36 and 74 (RIT) from Clearfield County assisted at the scene.  Clearfield company 38 transferred to the 6 house.  Crews were out for about 2 hours.



Mutual Aid - Landing Zone

Sunday, August 19, 2012 04:53 AM Just before 5 AM Company 6 was requested to set up a landing zone for Stat Med Evac 6 for a patient from a motor vehicle accident on I80 at the 86 milemarker in Pine Creek Township for Company 10. Pumper 6 and Brush 6 responded and secured the LZ on RT 1830 between the over passes at the Reynoldsville exit of I80.  Company 6 was out for a little over an hour as Company 10 had heavy entrapment and an extended extrication to free the injured driver.



Vehicle Fire

Saturday, August 18, 2012 13:21 PM This afternoon Company 6 was alerted on box 6C for a working vehicle fire on Rt. 310 just south of the Wishaw rd. intersection.  Chief 6 arrived to confirm a working fire in the passenger compartment.  Pumper 6 and Engine 6 responded, pulling an 1 3/4 and attacking the fire.  The car was a total loss.  6 crews were out for about an hour.



Motor Vehicle Accident

Sunday, August 12, 2012 01:00 Early sunday morning at 1AM Company 6 personnel were alerted for a motor vehicle accident with unknown injury or entrapament on Stevenson Hill Rd.  Intial reports was possibly no one around the vehicle, company 6 continued their response as it was unconfirmed if there was anybody at the accident.  The vehicle was hard to find as it was covered by high standing grass.  Once crews found the vehicle and began cheicking it out, it was found that an occupant was laying outside the vehicle unconscious.  EMS personnel then requested a helicopter in the air and company 6 set up the LZ just a short distance away in a field.  Crews were on scene for about an hour.



MVA with Ejection

Wednesday, August 8, 2012  This morning just before 7:30 Company 6 was alerted for a motor vehicle accident with ejection on Rt 322 east in the area of Walls Road.  Chief 6 arrived to find one vehicle over the embankment with 3 patients on the roadway.  One patient was with serious injuries and the other 2 had moderate injuries.  3 helicopters were called to the scene by ems.  2 of which were landed by company 6 at the driving range, while the 3rd was sent to DRMC.  Crews remained on scene all of morning controlling traffic for PSP while the reconstructed the scene.  Company 6 personnel were back in just before 1 pm.



Storm passing through keeps the 6 house busy

Thursday, July 26, 2012  Around 4PM this date a strong line of severe thunderstorms and winds passed through the county causing power outages and trees and wires down throughout Jefferson County.  Company 6 personel was staffed at the firehouse in preparedness of the storm.  Company 6 responded 16 calls involving trees and wires down throughout our area.  Parts of Reynoldsville borough and Winslow Township were without power through friday night.



Mutual Aid Sykesville Borough

Monday, July 16, 2012 04:41 AM This morning box 8A was dispatched for a structure fire on E. Main St. in the borough of Sykesville.  Chief 8 arrived and confirmed a working fire requesting the 2nd alarm.  Company 6 responded Rescue, Engine and Tower to the scene and assisted with overhaul of the structure.  It appeared that the residence was struck by lightning causing the fire.  First in crews had a good knock and held the fire in the attic.  Company 6 was out for an hour and a half.



Trees down from storm

Saturday, July 7, 2012  Early this evening around 6PM Company 6 was dispatched for a tree down on the Big Run/Prescoatville Rd. as crews were clearing from the scene they were requested by Chief 8 to assist the Sykesville fire company with multiple trees down in their area.  Pumper 6 proceeded to the borough and assisted with notifications of poles and wires, while Brush 6 proceeded out in the 6C/8D box area for multiple trees down.  Both crews cleared countless trees from secondary roads as the storm wrecked havoc across the area. Company 6 was out for a little over 2 hours.



Trees Down

Friday, June 29, 2012 02:16 AM Early this morning Company 6 personnel was dispatched to several trees down from the storm that went through.  Pumper 6 and the Chief took care of 5 trees, 3 of which had electric lines and line (Cable) down in the company 6 box area. Crews were out for over an hour taking care of the mess that was left behind.



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