Landing Zone for Medical Emergency

Friday, May 11, 2012  Just before dusk this evening Company 6 was alerted for a Landing Zone at the football field behind the firehouse from the result of a fall.  Rescue 6 responded and set up the safe LZ for Stat Med Evac 16. Company 6 was out for 30 minutes.



Structure Fire - Reynoldsville Borough

Sunday, April 15, 2012 18:28 While crews were still at the previous wreck waiting for the helicopter to take off, box 6G-1 was alerted for a dryer fire at the Reynoldsville Laundromat on Main St.  Companies 6, 2, 4 ,8, 16, 36, 72, 74 were alerted on the 1st and 2nd alarm.  Chief 6 arrived to find a dryer with clothes in it on fire and the building filling with smoke.  Crews used extinguishers to knock the fire and when the Rescue arrived pulled a line finish up.  The box was scaled back to Company 6 and an engine from Company 8.  Crews ventilated the building and were on scene for an hour and half.



MVA with Entrapment

Sunday, April 15, 2012 17:47 At 17:47 sunday evening Company 6 was alerted to a motor vehicle accident with entrapment on Rt. 322 near Vo-tech Rd.  Asst 6-1 arrived and confirmed one patient trapped.  Rescue 6 arrived and cut away the drivers side front and rear doors to access the patient.  Crews then assisted EMS with patient removal.  Pumper 6 set up the LZ for Stat Medevac 9 in a near by field.  Crews were out for about an hour.



2nd arriving Truck - Working Commercial fire City of DuBois

Saturday, March 10, 2012  At 6:20 this morning Company 6 was alerted for a working structure fire in the city of DuBois.  Tower 6 was requested and responded with a full crew at the 4 min mark with the Rescue following with its own full crew also.  Tower 6 arrived and took the 2nd in truck position, set up and began to flow master stream operations.  Rescue 6 crew then went with Captain 75's crew to the roof and began to work.  Crews knocked what fire they could with the trucks but it was noted that it was needed to go interior to get the remaining fire.  DuBois city crews along with the rescue crew went to work and knocked the fire that allowed crews to start opening up the rest of the second floor.  Their was extensive overhaul done on the building and the crews did an excellent job.  Beside the 5 city companies others on scene were Company 37 (RIT) and Company 1 (Brockway truck 1).  Company 6 crews were on scene for a little over 6 hours.



Jeff Tech - Evacuation

Tuesday, February 28, 2012  Just before the start of school this morning Company 6 was alerted to assist PSP with the evacuation of the Jeff Tech school due to a threat.  Crews marked off the area and denied access while assisting with the evacuation.  After the building was swept it was determined that the building was safe and students were allowed to enter the building.  Company 6 was on scene for about 3 hours during the incident



Mutual Aid 2nd Alarm Structure Fire - Brookville Chevrolet

Sunday, February 26, 2012  This evening box 2AHH was dispatched for a reported working structure at the Chevrolet dealership in the borough of Brookville.  Rescue and Tower crew arrived and laddered the building while the rescue went interior.  Crews found fire between the first and second floors and began to open up.  The tower was set up for roof ops but wasn't needed as crews kept the fire to the area of origin. Crews were out for a bout 2 hours.  Company 2 was assisted by the 6 pack along with Company 10 (Pine Creek) and Company 73 (DuBois City).



Structure Fire - Reynoldsville Borough

Saturday, February 25, 2012  This evening box 6G was alerted for a working structure fire on N. 4th St. in the borough.  Chief 6 went en route requesting the box to be filled due to a working fire.  Rescue 6 arrived and pulled a line and a water can interior to find a bedroom on fire.  Crews used the can to knock the remaining fire and overhauled the room.  Engine 6 was set up to supply and Tower 6 was set up for truck work.  Squad 8 assisted with overhaul and crews made quick work and were back within the hour.



EMs Assist

Thursday, February 16, 2012  Early this evening Company 6 was alerted to assist EMS with patient entrapment.  Crews arrived and found a patient who's foot was stuck in a hole.  Crews assisted EMS and got the stuck foot out and helped load the patient.  Company 6 was out for a bout 25 minutes.



MVA with minor injuries

Thursday, February 16, 2012  This afternoon Company 6 was alerted for MVA with minor injuries.  Chief 6 arrived confirmed one lane blocked and minor injuries.  Pumper 6 arrived and provided traffic control while crews assisted EMS and controlled the scene.



2012 Spring Gun Drawing March 31

Sunday, January 22, 2012  The Reynoldsville Fire Company will be holding their annual spring Gun Drawing on March 31 with the doors opening at 5PM, dinner being served at 6PM and the drawing starting at 7:30PM at the Reynoldsville Fire Company social room.  This year the 10th gun has been replaced with a guided Cow Elk hunt at the Rathmel Run Lodge.  The hunt includes guides, lunch and the processing of the successful hunt.  Tickets are $10 a piece and must be shown at the door, they include dinner and beverages. The tickets can be bpurchased at the firehouse or from any Reynoldsville Fire Company member.



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