Mutual Aid - Flu Fire

Friday, January 13, 2012  This afternoon Company 6 was alerted to transfer an engine to Company 8(Sykesville), while enroute Rescue was upgraded to the scene on box 17J for a flu fire with extension.  Rescue 6 arrived and sent its crew to the roof to assist.  The rescue was out for about an hour.



Box 6-G-1 2nd Alarm + special calls Working Apartment building fire

Thursday, January 12, 2012 11:22 AM Just before the lunch time hour box 6-G-1 was alerted for a working building fire at 510 East Main Street in the borough of Reynoldsville.  Chief 6 and Asst 6-2 arrived to find a 3 story apartment building with fire showing from the "C" side on the first and second floors.  Rescue 6 arrived and laid in to the rear streching 2 handlines to the seat of the fire, while Squad 8 laid in from the front and sent a line and crew to the second floor.  Engine 8 and Engine 4 both laid in also to supply Truck 1 and Tower 2 respectfully.  Truck 72 set up in the rear and sent thier crews to roof to open up.  Crews made an aggressive coordinated attack and held the fire to rooms  that were off on arrival.  The first and second floors on the rear of the 120 ft. (1/3 of the building) long building sustained heavy fire damage while the rest sustained minor smoke and some water damage.  Company 6 was assisted by Jefferson county companies 1(Brockway), 2(Brookville), 4(Falls Creek), 8(Sykesville), 10(Pine Creek), 16(McCalmont Twp.), 20(Central), Clearfield counties 30(Brady Twp.), 36(West Sandy), 37(Oklahoma), and 71,72(DuBois City). The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshall - Punxsutawney.   



Mutual Aid - Multiple Vehicle Accident I 80 eastbound

Monday, January 2, 2012 14:56 PM Just before 3 PM today Company 6 was requested for a multiple vehicle accident on Interstate 80 east bound around the 95 milemarker assisting Company 4 (Falls Creek).  Rescue 6 and Pumper 6 with a total crew of 15 responded up through the back log to the back of the accident.  Rescue had to stage about 2 miles back because of the back log so the rescue loaded up a pick up truck along with the pumper and proceeded to the rear of the accident.  Crews assisted in treating confined patients and packaging for EMS along with securing hazards.  Company 6 personnel remained on scene for several hours assisting motorists in the back log and providing light for crews on scene of this mass casualty incident.  There were no deaths as the result of the accident and crews preformed well working amongst each other also.  Jefferson fire Companies 1, 4, 6, 10, Clearfield companies 36, 38, and 74 were on scene.  Ambulances from 10, 60, 80, and 90 from Jefferson county and 1, 30, 42, 43 and a MCI unit from 1 were on scene also. Company 6 was back in service around 9:30 PM.



Mutual Aid - Punxsutawney multiple alarm assignment building fire

Saturday, December 10, 2011 03:40 AM This morning Company 6 was alerted on a 20A box in the borough of Punxsutawney for a building fire at the Punxsy Hotel.  Tower 6 and Rescue 6 responded on the multiple alarm assignment.  The rescue secured a water supply at the plug across from McDonalds while the Tower set up in McDonalds parking lot for master stream operations.  The Tower operated for almost 7 hours as the fire consumed the historic building.  Crews were on scene til 10 am from the 6 house.  Clearfield company 36 (West Sandy) provided coverage for the 6 house while they transferred to Company 8 (Sykesville).  Company 6 did maintain a crew on station in the 6 house during the fire also.  



Mutual Aid 2nd Alarm Structure Fire

Saturday, November 12, 2011 04:49 AM Early Saturday morning Company 6 was alerted on box 2AHH for a working structure fire in an apartment building on Main St. in the Borough of Brookville.  Rescue, Engine, and Tower responded on the run.  Rescue crew assisted with interior operations while the Tower set up on the "B" side to go to the roof but crews made a good knock and prevented the fire from extending beyond the apartment of origin.  Company 8 transfered to the 6 house and helped load some 5 inch for us ! ! ! Crews were out for about 3 hours.



MVA with no injury

Thursday, November 10, 2011 20:12 PM Just after 8PM tonight Company 6 was alerted for a motor vehicle accident with possbile no injury.  Chief 6 arrived to find one vehicle off the road into a snow plow.  It was discovered that the driver hit an additional 9 snow plows and tried to leave the scene only to find that she was disabled with a snow plow stuck into the front of the vehicle.  Crews in the Pumper and Rescue assisted EMS and PSP and cleared the scene in about an hour.



Mutual Aid - Forest Fire

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 17:16 PM Early this evening Company 6 was alerted to assist Company 19 (Sigel) with a forest fire in the Allegheny National forest.  Brush and Pumper 6 with 7 volunteers made the 31 mile treck to the scene of the fire.  Crews were then sent about a mile into the woods were they gathered and walked farther into the woods with tools in hand.  The 6 crew then extinguished an extensive amount of fire line on what we were calling the west flank or command side.  The 6 crew made 2 trips into the fire until their release about 4 hours later.  There was multiple compaines on scene and multiple transfers throughout the county as only 4 companies in Jefferson county stayed in their houses.  The 6 house remained fully staffed throughout the incident. 



Memorial Service for 9/11

Sunday, September 11, 2011  The Reynoldsville Fire Company paid tribute to our fallen brother and sisters in a 9/11 memorial service that was put on by the local churches.  The service was started at 8:30 AM and concluded just shortly after 10 AM.  We paid tribute to each plane crash by blowing the our house siren for one cycle with everyone pausing for a moment of silence.  Everybody was then welcomed to the firehouse for a little social gathering put on by the local church auxiliaries and the fire company.  This was a very nice service with a great showing by our community.  We are all proud to have such a great community and having the support that we did. 



Tanker Task Force Stand By

Friday, September 9, 2011 08:30 AM On Friday morning Company 6 sent Tanker 6 along with Tankers 20 (Central) 36 (West Sandy) 17 (Morris Township) and Highland Twp to Dauphin County for a stand by due to the recent flooding in the County.  The tankers were spread across the Harrisburg area and staged a various firehouse's to provide fire protection while thier water systems were down.  Tanker 6 took in at Company 45 Rutherford and was welcomed with open arms.  Tanker 6 took in 6 alarms with the brothers at 45 during their time.  At 7PM Saturday the task force was released and crews returned home.  The Reynoldsville Fire Company would like send thanks to the Rutherford Fire Company for taking care of our own while they were there.  They couldn't of ended up at a better place and we were glad to hear how good of a time they had with great group of firefighters. 



Transfer Assignment

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 16:45 PM This afternoon about a quarter til 5, Company 6 was alerted to transfer an Engine and Tanker to the Sykesville Firehouse.  Rescue and Tanker responded prior to dispatch and was on the transfer for a little over an hour with no additional alarms.



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