Bingo is held every Friday evening with games starting at 6:30 pm.


Prices start from $13.00 for a six pack, $21.00 for a twelve pack, and $26.00 for an eighteen pack. You can also purchase an extra six pack for an additional $5.00.

We also play the magic # for $1.00


  Ways to go bingo are straight, diagonal, inside and outside corners, big and little diamond, postage stamps and the letter "V".


  The first games we plat the Quickies and we pay $50.00 to the first person who fills their card.


  The first four games in your packet are early birds. Starbursts are randomly located on your cards. If you go bingo with a starburst as you last number called in your bingo, your portion of the prize will be doubled. We pay $30.00 per game for early birds. The fourth early bird is our starburst jack pot jackpot, if you go bingo on a starburst on thelast number called; it is worth at least $50.00.


  The are 5 specials that are included in your packet. We pay $150.00 per game on those. The are no first bingos for any specials.


  The are 20 regular games included in your packet. We pay $50.00 for a win  on the bottom row, $75.00 for the middle row, and $100.00 for the top row.


  The only game not in your packet is the Jackpot, which will  be sold, later in the evening for $1.00 for a strip of 3 or $5.00 @ 18 packet, Extreme bingo is also played , Extreme bingos is the lab played at intermission for $1.00 a disk and will be sold before intermission.